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Why Skillsapien?

For Business

We need the expertise to take the next step.

Every business needs a team of experts to maximize its potential.

Finding the right expert for a specific business need can be challenging – a referral from a trusted source is the most common form of engagement.

Skillsapien has carefully vetted and assembled the world’s top rated experts, across multiple disciplines, in an intelligent and transparent marketplace where buyers can find and engage experts with only a few mouse clicks.

Skillsapien is your number one trusted source for knowledge experts.

For Experts

We need to be able to prospect for clients and build value for others

Every consulting services provider needs to manage new prospects and direct them through the sales funnel.

In the new age of autonomous lead generation technology and inbound marketing services, finding the time to implement these large scale services for the individual or even medium sized services provider is impractical and problematic.

Skillsapien brings these technologies to your premium services business to maximize your time. Our platform allows you to not only direct new clients to you, but also to nurture them automatically to be qualified sales leads.

Make Skillsapien your new online channel for autonomously generating client leads.