As Marc Andreessen said, software is eating the world.

A new era of online efficiency and transparency is coming. It will shake up the multi-trillion-dollar consulting & professional services industry. Whether they realize it or not. Like it or not.

This global trend will happen regardless of Skillsapien's existence.
We are merely aiming to accelerate the trend.

The Current Landscape:

Most traditional employment agencies and websites focus only on the job, i.e. getting applicants to apply to jobs. They ignore the reality that many applicants are ill-suited to the jobs on offer.
Employers / clients often have to trawl through tens or hundreds of CV's to find the right skills, if they do at all. The process is akin to casting a fish-net to find pearls.

Our Solution and Focus

Skillsapien, on the other hand, focuses on maximizing choice and certainty for the skilled professional - now and into the future. We actively encourage value-oriented differentiation and market-driven pricing.
If your skills are in-demand, and that demand is transparent enough, the market will drive up pricing quicker than you can update your brochures.

Less work, more value. For both buyers and sellers.
A more efficient marketplace.